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The idea of Erasmus IP "Atoms&Bits" to design new infrastructures with the aim to strengthen the relationship between Europe and Asia has become a necessity with the opening of the New Silk Road by sea, connecting Venice with Colombo (India), Singapore, Hong Kong, Shangai, Pusan (Korea).
The first of these infrastructures is inspired to historical 'Fondaco' model and it is located in the deindustrialised territory of Porto Marghera (Venice)

This project  suggests  to attract eastern culture and  experiences in order to trigger a new development cycle involving the West.
In this way borns a new euroasiatic space with new euroasiatic platforms, designed on the basis of scenarios at 2050.  The Porto Marghera 2050 design  is based on the five clusters articulation: each cluster scope is to attract new knowledge, to mix different life styles, to increase natural resources, to reinforce the social cohesion in the global world.